The best VPN for torrenting is the one that offers many features. Amongst the main features is its Excellent Privacy feature. This allows the VPN to run the text between four different locations, obscuring where the customer is and just how they can be traced. The other key features are its logging coverage, kill change and support for all major file sharing protocols. The best VPN for torrenting services offer a variety of alternatives to personalize your connection, and most of them will even permit you to choose the hardware location that may be most convenient available for you.

NordVPN is a favorite amongst users, and it provides exceptional peer-to-peer (P2P) services. The business operates a large number of servers around the world, and close to 5, 1000 of them are maximized for BitTorrent use. The NordVPN client is also reputed for offering the highest levels of security for BitTorrent users. Besides its high level of encryption, NordVPN provides two types of encryption: AES-256 and NordLynx. Choosing a VPN that offers the variety of these two protocols is recommended.

CyberGhost has the ideal privacy insurance plans and is one of the most secure VPNs for torrenting. Its hosts are disperse across five countries and get a good choice of speeds. Its servers are also spread throughout the world, which means you can gain access to content from any country. So , wherever you’re located, you’re here protected from prying sight of cyber-terrorist and cctv surveillance. These are are just some of the advantages of NordVPN.

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